LED Benefits

LED Channel Letters are good for your business, and they’re good for the planet, too! Take a look at these advantages of using an LED Channel Letters sign from BRAZZ Specialties.


  • LED has an energy savings up to 40% over neon.
  • LED has a secondary power of 12 volts versus neon with as much as 15,000 volts. 12 volt power is less susceptible to fire.
  • LED Channel Letter installation is less evasive than neon. LED uses smaller pass-through holes into your building.
  • LED signs are extremely durable; neon easily breaks during transportation and installation causing costly delays for your business opening and expensive repairs down the road.
  • LEDs are “off the shelf” and install in minutes even in the field, so installation and replacement is quick and easy. Each neon unit must be hand crafted for every letter by an experienced neon bender. Repairs can keep your sign out of service for weeks.
  • Small LED units fit in tighter places than with neon so designs are not as limited.
  • LED stays bright in cold weather. Brightness in neon signs with mercury drops dramatically below 35 degrees ambient temperature.
  • Many new “Green Laws” are targeting neon. Neon signs contain mercury which is hazardous to the environment. White, blue, and green neon signs use an argon/mercury gas mixture. Red neon signs use neon gas. On January 1, 2007, the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (VDEC) imposed a ban on the sale of various products that incorporate mercury. This ban includes neon signs and tubes that contain mercury.
  • New laws are aimed at reducing energy waste. For example, a new law proposed in California contains a requirement that electrical energy use in signs must be reduced by 25% to 50%. This will, in effect, end neon lighting, because neon filled tubing cannot be dimmed.

Ask your local sign shop for a BRAZZ Specialties LED channel letters sign, or request a sign quote today.