Why Extruded Raceway?

Extruded aluminum raceway should be at the top of your priority list when it comes to deciding on a manufacture for your pan channel letters.  Why extruded raceway?



Extruded aluminum is very strong and maintains it’s shape compared to sheet metal raceway.  The clean simple look does not draw attention to the raceway but helps your brand standout on your store front.

Installation is much simpler too.  The large movable mounting clips cut install time down. The installer does run up billable hours trying to drill conventional raceways in the field.  Makes mounting your sign a breeze with minimal damage to the facade.  The hinging top gives the installer easy access to the inside while keeping water out.

When it comes to raceway choices your business sign will look clean and professional with extruded aluminum raceway. Always ask your sign designer to specify extruded aluminum raceway.


Routed PVC

Sintra is a closed-cell, expanded plastic, high-density poly vinylchloride sheet. Sintra is a homogeneous material that allows the ease of cutting without regard for grain. At half the weight of solid PVC, it can be stapled, nailed, riveted, glued, and thermoformed. It is available in 9 thickness’ 1mm-13mm. All thicknesses are available in white, some thicknesses are also available in black & colors.

Komatex (Kommerling Products) expanded PVC sheets are produced with a closed-cell matte surface. Sheets have a regular, fine-celled foam structure and are light in weight. It is suitable for printing and painting. Due to their tough and rigid structure, they can be drilled and screwed without splitting. Komacel sheets in white have excellent weathering resistance and can be used for outdoor applications. They are particularly suitable for the advertising industry for signs, displays and exhibition stands.


Tension Face Substrates

Tension face substrates from Cooley-Brite, Cooley-Brite Lite Eradicable Fabric, Coole-Brite Back-In-Black, Coothane, SM42, 0606, Coolflex, apply a scrim design that is nearly invisible to allow for maximum light diffusion, consistent translucency and brilliant colors in backlit signs and awnings. These tension face substrates are treated with anti-wick, ultraviolet stabilizers, fungicides and whiteners for excellent color protection, durability and long life.

For a slightly different application, BRAZZ Specialties also features Panaflex Series 945 GPS, Panaflex Series 946 GPS, Panagraphics II Flexible Substrate 3M Panaflex. These are flexible materials with built-in dirt resistance on a smooth, semi-gloss surface. This durable substrate is white-pigmented vinyl with a reinforcing polyester scrim, used for creating signs and awnings. It can be decorated with pigmented translucent film, screen printed, or Piezo inkjet printed translucent film.