Sign Cabinet Types

Single Face Cabinets for rigid sign faces

Features of single face sign cabinets for rigid sign faces include:

  • Extruded aluminum sign cabinet, available in 6” or 8” depths
  • Designed with removable retainers for slide-in acrylic, poly-carbonate and aluminum faces.
  • Available with radius corners.
  • Excellent for strip mall signs, commercial signs, restaurant signs, retail signs, hotel signs, movie theater signs, concourse signs, and liquor store signs.


Double Face Cabinets for rigid sign faces

High traffic retail businesses depend on double face pole signs to direct traffic to their business from both sides of the sign. Features of the double-face sign cabinets include:

  • Extruded aluminum sign cabinet.
  • Standard 12” deep available with pole saddles up to 6” round poles.
  • Highly durable on the job 24 hours a day seven days a week
  • Require very low maintenance.
  • Excellent for monument signs, architectural signs, low profile signs, street signs, illuminated yard signs, business park signs, industrial park signs, directional signs, way-finding signs, mall entrance signs, and shopping center signs.


Tensioning Face Cabinets for flexible sign faces

Features of tensioning face cabinets for flexible sign faces include:

  • Extruded aluminum sign cabinets available in 14-1/2” and 17-3/4” depths for pole saddles up to 8” round.
  • Designed with hinging sign face frame for flexible sign faces using SignComp, the world leader in Flexible Face tensioning.
  • Excellent for large signs in high traffic areas, such as for truck stop signs, highway signs, interstate signs, hotel signs, weigh station signs, car wash signs, truck wash signs, grocery store signs.

Tension face substrates:

Features of tension face substrates include:

  • Significantly lighter than polyurethane so handling of large signs is much easier.  Flex face material is held in by edge clips every 3 inches a much safer in high winds than a retainer system.
  • The material can be directly printed on making artwork application easier on a larger surface.
  • Excellent for large face signs (over 50 square feet).


Hinge Face Cabinets

Features of hinge face cabinets include:

  • Extruded aluminum frame.
  • Single face cabinets are 9”deep and double face cabinets are13-5/8” deep. Security face signs provide protection from vandals.
  • Lexan face covers the changeable track lettering.
  • Designed with hinging faces for acrylic, poly-carbonate and aluminum faces.
  • Gas prop rods are used to assist lifting the vandal cover for hands-free service when accessing the letter track.
  • Keyed alike locks secure the face from unwanted letter changing.
  • Excellent for church signs, school signs, property management signs, professional office signs, retail development signs, and corporate headquarters signs.



Routed Aluminum Sign Faces

Features of routed aluminum sign faces include:

  • Routed aluminum faces available for signs up to 52” tall in .080 and 1/8” 5052 alloy aluminum.
  • Give a more refined and dimensional look to a sign.
  • Faces are routed out using a Multi-Cam CNC Router.
  • Painted with Matthews Acrylic–polyurethane and backed with 3/16” acrylic.
  • Excellent for ground-level signs, such as tenant identification signs. The durability and paintablity of routed faces makes them ideal for long lasting signs.


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