The BRAZZ Specialties Story

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To put it simply, Denver-based Brazz Specialties exists to take care of sign shops.

And that’s exactly what they do.

Brazz Specialties manufactures wholesale channel letters and electric sign cabinets plus all kinds of custom sign fabrication.

Taking care of sign shops started in 1994 for Dave and Brian Brazzell when a neon tube bender, who happened to be working next door to their racecar building operation, needed a set of channel letters for a sign she was making. With all the sheet metal and fabrication equipment in the shop, it was easy enough for Dave and Brian to switch hats and make the leap into fabricating channel letters. From there, they quickly discovered their niche in the electric sign business.

The Brazzell brothers have owned and operated Brazz Specialties since making that first set of channel letters 18 years ago and they’ve been at the same location in Denver for the past 12 of those 18 years.

The shop is geared up with the machinery and tools necessary to fabricate almost anything – including a lot of one-of-a-kind channel letters and electric sign cabinets.

A visitor quickly notices this shop is set up with all kinds of work stations and tools to get things done: chop saws, table saws, a paint booth, a channel letter notching machine, trim cap equipment, a mill, assembly tables, band saws, scroll saws, MIG welders, a CNC router, lathes, drawers full of hand tools and fasteners, shelves full of LEDs, and completed and partially completed sign cabinets, channel letters and dimensional letters.

And that’s only what’s on the surface.

There’s a lot going on in this place; a lot of things getting made – and it doesn’t take long to figure out why that is. Dave and Brian, together with long-time employees, Aaron Bonati Nate Carter, Jose Torres and Monti King have a combined set of skills that epitomize the backbone of American ingenuity and manufacturing expertise. They’ve spent years fabricating signs, but also have an impressive portfolio that includes racecars, machine shop work and construction projects.

All of which makes them a reliable and trusted source for channel letters, electric sign cabinets and custom specialty signs made – whether it’s hundreds of LED replacement signs for a parking garage or one special set of channel letters with exposed neon for an upscale restaurant.

“We’ll help them with every piece of the process, at any level,” says Dave Brazzell.

On one typical day, for example, a couple of sign cabinets will be sprayed in the paint booth for a local installer. Another installer, who works from his home, will come later to pick up a package that’s too big for his garage. At least three or four times a week, a sign shop needs something routed quickly on the CNC, or sprayed in the paint booth. This goes on in addition to the “normal” workload at Brazz Specialties. “We just do what the sign people need,” Brazzell says.

Brazz Specialties is wholesale to the trade only and is firm in its commitment to keep it that way. “We’re about servicing sign people,” says Brazzell. “We speak the same language. If an end user calls, I always send them to someone in their area. We’ve never crossed that line, and we have no desire to.”

Scores of sign companies and specifiers have learned over the years that they can rely on Brazz Specialties. Some are independent sign installers, some are neon tube benders, some are big electric sign companies and some are architects and designers. They always come back because they expect a quality job and that’s what they get.

Every time.