Why Extruded Raceway?

Extruded aluminum raceway should be at the top of your priority list when it comes to deciding on a manufacture for your pan channel letters.  Why extruded raceway?



Extruded aluminum is very strong and maintains it’s shape compared to sheet metal raceway.  The clean simple look does not draw attention to the raceway but helps your brand standout on your store front.

Installation is much simpler too.  The large movable mounting clips cut install time down. The installer does run up billable hours trying to drill conventional raceways in the field.  Makes mounting your sign a breeze with minimal damage to the facade.  The hinging top gives the installer easy access to the inside while keeping water out.

When it comes to raceway choices your business sign will look clean and professional with extruded aluminum raceway. Always ask your sign designer to specify extruded aluminum raceway.